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Beyond the Pale

Okay, this is ridiculous. The private voter registration firm hired by the GOP to work the swing states has been trashing non-GOP registrations in Nevada. The extent of the damage is not know, but they estimate that thousands of people who think they are registered will not be eligible to vote in Reno alone. And since this same group is operating in at least 3 other states that I know of, who knows how many people will be turned away at the polls?

Ignoring the fact that this violates at least two Nevada statutes and at least one federal election law, can anyone here offer any justification for election fraud, breach of public trust, and just plain sleaziness like this?

How can anyone who intentionally defrauds people of their right to vote consider themselves a true American? I'm not talking about incompetence, or accidental mistakes here: I'm talking about taking it upon yourself to decide who gets to vote and who doesn't.

Could you work for a party like that? Could you vote for a party like that? I don't know that I could.

Kudos at least to the two whistle-blower employees who turned these bastards in, with evidence. But I am really wondering how much longer we will be able to call ourselves a "democracy" if we allow shit like this to go unanswered. And I don't mean just by criminal prosecution--there is some group of people in our culture who think this kind of thing is OK, that it's "the right thing to do" even, if it makes your side win. But where will they stop?

If destroying voter registration cards is OK, what about changing people's voter registration cards (as has apparently happened in Leon County, Florida)?

If changing the registration cards is OK, why don't we jam the "get a ride to the polls" phone lines of the opposing party so voters calling for a ride can't get through?

And if that's OK, then why don't we just have groups of protestors near the polls in distircts that tend to vote against our candidates? We could even make sure they were loud and armed so people would be really intimidated?

Or maybe we could just pass a law saying that members of other parties are not allowed to vote? And then we could shoot them if they try to show up at the polls?

Where the heck do you draw that line? I mean, anything's OK as long as our side wins, right?
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