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Welcome to indie_thinkers. I'm going to post the information found on the user info page for now.

Are you someone who thinks of herself as liberal but doesn't think affirmative action is a good idea? Are you a 'conservative' who thinks that homosexuals should be able to get married if they want? Are you sick of extremists but don't really think of yourself as moderate? Is the two party system about to make you hurt small animals? Then perhaps you're an Independent Thinker.

Independent Thinkers is a community for the discussion of social and political issues in which people from all sides of a debate can give their views and opinions without being torn down, ridiculed, or dismissed. For those who do not slavish adhere to the party platform, or who do not fall in lockstep with the accepted definitions others place on a group. Everyone is invited to join, but keep in mind that open-mindedness is highly valued in this community. If you know that you will never change your mind about that which you are even mildly passionate about, this community might not be for you.

IT is not only about debate, but about action. For too long extremists and ideologues have ruled activism, media, politics, and just about everything else. We think it's time that people who don't fall lockstep into any one group - conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, etc. - had a chance to shape the direction that this country is going. So often our voices are lost, how can we get them heard?



Respect is our number 1 rule because this is bound to be a very charged atmosphere. The moderators will not tolerate flames or attacks. It's fine to be passionate about a subject, but not to the point where you're browbeating another member who doesn't agree. Also, try to read the posts in the spirit that the poster intended. This can be hard over the internet, but keep in mind that the tone or motives you assign to a poster may be completely opposite from how they are. When you find yourself getting too angry, just step back and take a break.

If a member constantly breaks this rule, they will be warned one time. If they continue, then comes a second warning and moderation of their posts and comments. Third time you're banned. Trolls only get one warning.


Posts need to be on-topic. Though things that are on-topic around here can be many and varied, let's not clutter up the group with irrelevant posts. At first, posts that are not on-topic will be flagged by the moderator. If it gets to be a problem, the posts will be deleted.

If you have a very long post, pictures, items not work safe, etc. please put it behind and lj-cut tag.

Memes / Quizzes / Etc

Not allowed. If you create one, we'll delete it. Polls are okay, but shouldn't be used in place of discussion.


Comments on every entry should be turned on. Deleting comments is really, really not a good idea (unless it's your own and if you're just correcting a typo or something). The moderators will do this if it's necessary. Same goes for freezing threads. Members who delete or freeze will be warned twice before banning.


We say this again because it's a biggie. If this community dissolves into one big bitchfight after another then it's no fun. We're here to discuss (intelligently) and debate (intelligently).

Moderators: ravenonthemount ktempest
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